Up and running

Yesterday was the day. The day I finally treated myself to a new computer. I am sitting at it this very minute listening to Arthur Rubenstein playing Chopin. Nocturne Opus 9 No 2 in Eb major. I am a sucker for this music. It reminds me of walking in an expansive flower garden, birdsong, scented flowers, the right weather and a very slight breeze. Oh, and the big fat bees feasting on the flowers.  But back to the computer. I treat it like a thin-shelled egg. Just setting it up was an hour replete with of sweaty palms. Being the first time I had ever migrated data from one mac to another (thanks to my religiously backed up external disk),I was sure that something unexpected would happen. It was just too simple. No major goofs and no omissions. It doesn’t get any better. I can see myself writing on this machine for years to come. My blood pressure was certainly on the rise yesterday as I unpacked this wonder of technology. I forfeited the community cd player to my divorce. That used to bother me. But no longer. This new wonder-machine really has it all. I can enjoy all of my music whether from iTunes or Spotify whenever I choose, however the mood strikes me. I have changed to Cat Stevens now. I guess what tickles me so deeply is that the prophecy of Miss Humphrey, my fifth grade teacher, has entered the realm of reality, the kingdom of hard facts. “I predict that in your lifetime it will be possible with the scientific advances to see with whom you are speaking on the phone at any given time.” I have been hooked ever since and don’t plan on looking back.

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