Opt for the music

Most days I rarely take the time to eat a real lunch. It is the planning which gets to me, and walks off with the concentration I need to rustle up more than a slice or two of smoked salmon and a portion of earthy-smelling red beets.  Food preparation is tedious since Mother Nature forced my hand and convinced me to offer my gall bladder up to science. No sandwiches, no pasta. So, dear reader, you can imagine my profound relief when I heard a radio announcement on my favorite radio station (100,7) about a lunchtime open air concert. Saved by the bell from having to figure out what to prepare for lunch and over the moon because it was to be an extraordinary alternative . A recital of the OPL (Orchestre Philharmonique de Luxembourg) Horn Quartet. Heaven for a person convinced that the french horn is the most beautiful sounding musical instrument …EVER.

This was one day when overtime hours came in handy permitting me to take a long lunch. Lunch for the heart via the ears. Fortunately, my colleague and friend M., proved to be as gung-ho as myself which sorted out any crossed logistical wires so we could arrive at the gazebo in the city park in time to secure two well-positioned seats. No sooner said and plotted was the morning’s work finished and we found ourselves on the way to the parking garage and on the road. In such moments I feel fortunate to know my way around so well in the city. We immediately found a rare, empty parking space situated no more than 5 minutes by foot from the park.

M. and I made our lighthearted way to our destination under a blue sky decorated with alternating sun rays and fluffy clouds. The section of the park where the recital was to be held is directly next to the street with only a slope topped off with a berm full of vegetation to curtain off the busy avenue Marie-Adelaide. I honestly felt a swell of thrill in my chest once I caught site of the gazebo and chairs, (yes, a sit down concert in the park!) Freedom, fresh air, choice company, music, sharing of an experience had slapped a drunken grin on my face.  Although we could have garnered front row seats, I am glad we sat towards the back. Sitting too close would have distracted my attention away from the music and onto the members of the quartet and their instruments. The way men react upon sighting a fine automobile is a fair description of my behavior when I see a french horn. I play, too. Need I say more?  Choosing the back row allowed me to be transported far away by the mellifluous melodies.Four french horns and the birds in the trees. Would that it never ends!

The recital took place last Thursday, but I still scoop delight from that brief hour out of doors. The gist of the action was the simple taking time out to relax, to feel and not think of any deadlines, nor emails. Nothing. Carpe Diem, baby!

Under the Gazebo: Klassik am Park
Under the Gazebo:
Klassik am Park
Love at first sound
Love at first sound

author and her horn

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