A Birthday remains, regardless of the Dimension

Image 18-07-2013 at 23.19

Birthdays are special. I think it is criminal to neglect a birthday . Forgetting is allowed, this is where a belated birthday thought or greeting serves its purpose. I appreciate the fact that modern technology ties a string around our virtual fingers. On most phones we can now program birthdays we wish to remember. Facebook also provides us with a safety net in the shape of that mini pink birthday cake up in the upper right hand corner of your FB page. And just to make sure that I don’t forget, I also use my kitchen calendar as a hard copy. Backing up is always a positive motion.

One birthday in particular which I particularly need to commemorate falls on July 19th. This is my dear Daddy’s birthday. He would have celebrated his 91st birthday this year. He passed away in 2006. Still, I celebrate his birthday every year. I am convinced that I am not alone in doing so. I know that my siblings are right next to me. I imagine innumerable mystically silent birthday wishes taking leave of the hearts of all of the people –  family and friends who adored, loved and appreciated him. I go as far as making sure to bake a cake and have a candle lit and a toast from a glass or two of a good bottle of wine. If I were a smoker, I would buy myself the fattest, most expensive hand-rolled Cuban cigar and smoke up the whole house while reminiscing about my Daddy. I am an inveterate non-smoker, so it will be the thought that counts.


Celebrating these special birthdays allows one to maintain the crucial connection to the past. Not living in the past, just remembering and appreciating the lovely moments of days gone by which have most certainly done their share in forming who we are as individuals today.  Birthdays are a big deal in the wide scope of a person’s life.  Take a moment and let this thought weave in and out of the part of the mind and psyche in charge of such meditations. It would be so interesting to know how others view birthdays. For a long time I was married to a guy who abhorred even the mere notion of a birthday. Go figure that one out! But thanks to the high rank enjoyed by BIRTHDAYS in my family, I never backed down about celebrating birthdays and of marking the occasions with a tasty cake and gifts. Just as my Dad did with me and my siblings.

I am not sure where this post is leading except that I feel comforted by the celebration planned for July 19th. The gorgeous summer weather will abide with us, so perhaps a bonfire on the backyard patio would be in order.

Happy Birthday, Daddy!

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