If you don’t like museums, try this one!

Today I would like to share some images of what for me is the loveliest museum I have ever had the pleasure of visiting. Luxembourg’s Villa Vauban. Last Friday I had planned on entering as I had not seen the most recent exhibit. It is rare that I miss one. I never made it even up the steps near the entrance. Distractions like you wouldn’t believe! The luscious gardens and the surprises set up for the public’s pleasure caused me to shift gears and stay out of doors, carpe diem-like and soak up some of that elusive Vitamin D. Summer weather takes no prisoners. I’ll catch the new exhibit very soon…the very moment that the inclement weather descends upon us anew. Until then I think I’ll take advantage of the benches or the tables and chairs set up on the grounds and enjoy the scenery at least once a day. The photos I snapped tell the story. If you are ever in the neighborhood pay a visit to Villa Vauban. It is small enough to enjoy during your lunch break and Friday evenings the museum offers a “nocturne” and is open until 9 PM. Admission from 6-9PM is free.


The placid gurgling of the fountain works wonders on jangled nerves.


Now you see why I didn’t even need to go inside on such a beautiful summery day! Tasting the fig and melon with my eyes. Art is quite suggestive.


Stunning flower beds.




Just linger. It makes the heart grow fonder.

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