Spring’s Grace and Grace Springs

Despite the thick glaze of frost on my car windows this morning, I was able to find proof that Spring finally sent the Winter packing.

Despite my pollen allergies, I ducked underneath the branches and climbed a few feet up into this tree. The light played hide and seek with the clouds which caused the creamy pink and white hues of the flowers to undulate according to the degree of direct sunlight available. Several people passed by on their morning constitutional. Some were walking their dogs. The humans had no clue that I was sitting above the ground concealed within the tree by the dense mantel of luscious flowers. But the dogs all stopped in front of the tree and swept the air with their intelligent snouts. I was relieved that they stayed on the sidewalk and did not bark. I did not want to be discovered.

Rohrschach Move II

Trudging  on auto-pilot
Through the shopping mall
Furtive glances at the travel pros wares

Blue seas of lapis and emerald-green
Smite me into reveries of flight and self-preservation
Flee and live or stay and wither to inertia

Glossy, glazed paper offers white ships
Cutting silently through the depths
Close-eyed participation synchronous

Sucked-flat lungs finalize realization
Of action once consigned to the realm of “I Can’t”,
Yet buried deep into my heart like Tosca’s dagger

Up and disappear, my desire, so long unsung and blind
No travel guide, no GPS, no itinerary required
Just GO and ACT….

Easy for you to say
I squelch the inner/auto/futile arguing
The pros are my red corpuscles and the cons third-party unthinking

Babes no longer, they fly to their prizes in the world
Scuttle my chattels, pack one bag and flee
Without a whisper, nary an exhale of my air to alert the border guard

Consider no reasoning, no second thoughts
Pure mindfulness
Ticket in hand, away, away, to the sea
On vacation until death us do part.


Is Your Subconscious Mind Setting You Up for Failure?

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Kristen Lamb's Blog

Image courtesy of Cellar Door Films WANA Commons Image courtesy of Cellar Door Films WANA Commons

In my last post we discussed striving to find balance and giving ourselves permission to be imperfect. This brought about some interesting discussion and I’d like to expound. I confess. Americans are notorious for “shortening” the language.

We use a lot of words as synonyms when, truth be told, they aren’t. Or we have “blanket words” which mask truth, thus prevent us from making progress in life, with relationships, our career or even ourselves.

As writers, we of all people should appreciate the power of words. We have the ability to create entire new worlds that could possibly endure hundreds or thousands of years…all by using various combinations of symbols. Words have creative and destructive power. This is true in non-fiction, fiction and in life.

When I began college, I was on scholarship to become a doctor, thus spent over three years…

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