Rohrschach Move IV


Nighttime, moon-time, gliding through the midnight blue water
Whiteness of porthole reflections pelt my body with mercurial silveriness
Alone in my cabin on the sea I dream so wakeful and plot
My freedom like an old world navigating towards the New
My world is not flat, but voluptuous like Venus’s breast

My bed of roses grows tendrils as I lay in wait of docking
At freedom’s stable wooden quay
Lulled gently by the passionate waves I leave my body on the exhale
Floating like driftwood into the whirlpool of ideas to ensure my sustenance.
All expectations of future days deliberately left nameless whence I fled.

No expectations to shudder this unfolding map towards freedom
Alone am I now and at ease, gone the insidious contradictions
Of duty and what I and who should I  be.
He never ever knew my insides. His loss

On the inhale flood thoughts and volition preserved within the heart flow
Into wakefulness. I remember my parts hidden at the bottom of the sludgy well
I wash them in the gliding satin-like sea, cleanse them of the festering bilge.
You cannot own me    ever   ,  for I have wrestled and amputated myself into
This bower of freedom

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