Sargasso Doodles


Doodled in my Samsung Sketchbook for Galaxy. I usually do not give free pub. But this particular app is simply fun to use. What is better to get thickened writing juices flowing once more than a bit of random doodling? When I was a kid I loved spending hours scouring the World Book Encyclopedia we were fortunate to have in out bookcase. One under water photo taken in the Sargasso Sea never lost its charm. All of that thick and long seaweed swaying in the current! Amazing! Some how this memory emerged in my doodling. Moments like this one have a calming quality on me. I’ll have to doodle in my sketchbook more often.

2 thoughts on “Sargasso Doodles

  1. How nice! Really you should have a very long print of this made. Something like 10 by 24. It would look nice frame hanging on the wall I believe.

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