4 thoughts on “Just my imagination running away..

  1. Hello Yvonne! I’m in Germany now, we finally made the big move. We’re in Bavaria…an hour away from Munich,in a quaint city of Ingolstadt…just to let you know that at least I’m closer to you now in distance compared when I was in Kuwait. It’s a great summer out here, my daughter loves being out in the sun.Right now I am busy applying for her kinderkrippe school,We hope to find a vacant slot for her.
    It’s totally different living here…and I need to learn German 🙂
    Hope all is well with you and your loved ones.
    Sending much love from us here.

    1. Dear Christina,
      Close minds think alike. No kidding – you were in my thoughts all day today! You sound as if you had a successful move. It must be a bit of a culture shock for you in a way. Yes! Learn German. It is a very structured language, but I am sure you can do it. Did I ever tell you that I speak German? I did 2 years of university there. We will definitely find a time in 2017 (maybe sooner) to meet in person. It would be silly to let such an opportunity pass by. Good luck getting a slot at the Kinderkrippe for your little one…she will be speaking German like a native in no time.
      On my side, I have been very busy teaching my ESL students. My son returned from Paris for the Summer. I am so proud that he successfully completed his first year at the Sorbonne. It was a tough year, but he did it! Please stay in touch, my friend.
      Much love from Luxembourg to Ingolstadt to you and yours.
      ps: your message seriously made my day. Thank you.

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