Rohrschach Move V



Dawn arrival slipping on gracious silence welcomed by
The tendril-embrace of mooring line
A lush primary return to THE place I had never been
Save  in my dreamers-heart during my life before

Lapping wavelets lob me the signal
“You’re home, you’re home”,
Undulating reminder of my grail, now
Freed from the deep, gluey mud.

Home to a land and time heretofore unseen
Inhale the salt air and feast the soul’s eye on unknown beauty
Sought after since time immemorial
Exhale to recognition and float inwards to approbation
Long time coming   beginnings of love.

Thrown open doors of self-imposed exile
Melt from the hinges and sink like a straight shot into
Poseidon’s depths where I follow though swimming
For my life in the sea turned birth canal of hope.

I so wish to remain in the skin of the sea
No harm may come to me
Finally returned to my core-earth I breath with myself
And my Self breaths with me.

No fear, nor trembling panic overtakes me
Expiation finished, I won out over violence
And kicked oppression into orbit
Orion will take over from there.

I am safe