Resolution Evolution Revolution

Hats off, WordPress! Today, I discovered the Annual Report relating to my WordPress blog during 2015. Just for me. The graphics are beautifully shiny.  I seem to have not noticed it last year.  Be that as it may. I am glad to have it. It made my day brighter.    Since I am a born sucker for bells and whistles the WP firework rosette elicited a smile from me. I live for surprises of this nature.
It might seem strange, but I am already dreaming about my annual report for 2016.  Silly, since it is only the third day of January.
Nevertheless, a minor detail will not rear itself into a stumbling block between my brain and my keyboard. It will not! The resolution revolution fomenting within the bastions of my less than iron will has taken command.  I hope to rehabilitate my posting fidelity. After all, my distinguished name is connected to this blog.  Don’t laugh, esteemed reader. My heart is in the right place, and 2016 will be the year in which I conquer my innate laziness and my tendency to procrastinate. But most importantly, the days of my weaker self, my inner “Schweinehund”, as the Germans say, are numbered.

Ready to continue!
Ready to continue!

This morning I read an article on the Grammarly Blog  (see link below) which has motivated me into swift action. It is all about “Why You Should Put Your Resolutions in Writing”. The author tells us of the good intentions supporting every resolution made during the first month of each new year. Apparently only 46 percent of us will stick to our plan six months down the road.  However, if we commit our resolutions to paper, we then become accountable to ourselves. The supporting research shows that by writing down our goals, we are 42 percent more likely to cross the goal finish line. This is good news. So, reflect upon what you would like to change or achieve during this new year, write it down, print out a copy of your resolution (s) and tack it up near your workstation. Awaken your feelings of true accountability!

I would be nice if you would participate in my Resolution poll. Thank you.

Good luck and Better Health in 2016

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Rohrschach Move IV


Nighttime, moon-time, gliding through the midnight blue water
Whiteness of porthole reflections pelt my body with mercurial silveriness
Alone in my cabin on the sea I dream so wakeful and plot
My freedom like an old world navigating towards the New
My world is not flat, but voluptuous like Venus’s breast

My bed of roses grows tendrils as I lay in wait of docking
At freedom’s stable wooden quay
Lulled gently by the passionate waves I leave my body on the exhale
Floating like driftwood into the whirlpool of ideas to ensure my sustenance.
All expectations of future days deliberately left nameless whence I fled.

No expectations to shudder this unfolding map towards freedom
Alone am I now and at ease, gone the insidious contradictions
Of duty and what I and who should I  be.
He never ever knew my insides. His loss

On the inhale flood thoughts and volition preserved within the heart flow
Into wakefulness. I remember my parts hidden at the bottom of the sludgy well
I wash them in the gliding satin-like sea, cleanse them of the festering bilge.
You cannot own me    ever   ,  for I have wrestled and amputated myself into
This bower of freedom

Rohrschach Moves III

Flowing Water


Waves undulate below my bare feet
Content on the griddle-like metal deck
Prow lunging me through the lapis and emerald green liquid
Towards my heart’s desire and dream

Salt-taste delicious upon my full, parted lips
Darkest of sun glasses perched upon the sharp bridge of my nose
Jutting defiantly towards the turquoise sky inhaling the liberating spray

Waves undulate between heart and throat
Engulf these byways with torrential tears and stifling sobs of wonderment
For freedom is mine, no return ticket in my snug pocket
I am a water-birth and the way remains mine, confirmed by decades of self-denial

Close only counts in horse-shoes
This life will be mine